Tamil CTF

Hey buddy’s,I hope all are fyn.

Recently I participated in Tamil CTF.I solved most of web challenges.Lets get into this!

1.Cringe JS

After seeing this image All are know about this,This is called JSFUCK.

After decoding this we got our flag

flag : TamilCTF{Jav4_5cr1p7_s0ck5}

2. Delivery Boy.

POST grabbed my attention.First I intercepted the request and it was in GET changing the request method you got flag !.

flag : TamilCTF{w3_G0T_m4il}

3.Welcome Gem

Reading this source we all know ,we have to encode that number into base64 after encoding we got “MTUyMDYyNTYxNQ==” and

We have to pass this as a parameter for key like ?key=MTUyMDYyNTYxNQ== we got the flag

flag : TamilCTF{oPtiCal-gEm-64}

4.Choco cookies

while inspecting cookies ,page have cookies like ‘cGVhbnV0’ this is base64 encoded value after decoding this value was “peanut”,we have to encode the “chocolate” to base64 and set it as a cookie ,we got our flag

flag: TamilCTF{cOoki3s_aRe_Fak3}

Remaining in another blog…

Happy Hacking!!



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