HTB -Canvas

Hey folks…Hope all you are fyn…!

Now , we are going to see about an challenge in the HACK THE BOX called Canvas.This challenge in Misc Category.

We want to update our website but we are unable to because the developer who coded this left today. Can you take a look?

They were provide a zip file .we have to extract it .password for zip file hackthebox.

After extracting we have to take a look on all the files which we extracted.In style.css,there is no interesting content found.But when we take look on login.js there is an interesting hexadecimal values found.They look like

I think these values are in hexadecimal format,we have to remove all the 0’s infront of the values.Then we have the hexadecimal values like


Now ,we have to convert this HEX values to ASCII using any of the online tool.If you successfully decrypt this you found the flag!!!

Thanks for reading my Write-up..

Happy CTF !!



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