HTB -Breach Challenge

Hey Folks !..I hope all you are fine.

Recently , I solved the challenge called Breach which is a HACK THE BOX challenge.This challenge is in My favourite category OSINT.

You managed to pull some interesting files off one of Super Secure Startup’s anonymous FTP servers. Via some OSINT work(a torrent or online Password breach site) you have also procured a recent data breach dump. Can you unlock the file and retrieve the key?

They gave us a zip file.we have to unzip the file called After unzipping the file called public-data-breach.txt contains number of usernames and passwords and ip’s.

In ftp-files we have two docx files called key.docx and web developer needed.docx.

I don’t know how to get started in this challenge.After 5 minutes I got an idea of searching the phrase called ‘supersecurestartup’ in publicdatabreach.txt.

I found 6 results.In that 6 results I found a interesting phrase called ‘Love!July2018’

I thought this is the key for opening the key.docx file but unfortunately it was not.I’m stucking in this step for 15 mins.

Then I inspect the file properties of a file called key.docx.In that properties I found the modified date is 26 march 2019.

Then I recreate the key as ‘Love!March2019’.Luckily It was an correct key to open the key.docx file.After opened that file I found the SSH key like


It looks like base64 and I decode it with base64. I found the flag !!

Thank You…

Happy CTF !!



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